Pi 2013 - 5th Annual IWA International

Conference on Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Medellín-2013

EPM - Medellín April 2013

Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia, will host the 5th IWA International Conference on Benchmarking and Performance Assessment of Water Services. In April 2013, we will meet in this wonderful city where the warmth of both its people and the climate are the best hosts. We invite you today to mark your calendars and have the pleasure of getting to know one of the most promising cities in Latin America.

From April 9 to 12, 2013, we will have the chance to learn about activities aimed at strengthening the management of drinking water and wastewater services, through the design, development and implementation of benchmarking schemes and operational and business management indicators. In addition, Pi2013 will also witness the birth of new tools, such as AquaRating, a rating system for water services developed by the Interamerican Development Bank and the International Water Association.

Keeping in mind the fact that during the last decade the International Water Association (IWA) has been leading the way in all matters related to performance assessment, and that its performance indicator systems have become a standard that more and more organizations around the world are adopting, Pi2013 meeting will continue to constitute a key venue for promoting awareness and developing the role of benchmarking and performance assessments through a real exchange of experiences and good practices between participants.

In this year’s conference experts in the field will meet, for the first time in Latin America, to discuss new approaches to issues related to benchmarking and performance assessment.


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