Busan 2012 minutes posted at IWA website

The minutes of the last meeting of the Specialist Group held in Busan, during the World Water Congress of 2012 can already be downloaded from our IWA group web page “SG Resources” under highlight information (you will be required to login to access this content).

As you may already be aware, the members-only information will be posted in the IWA group web page, while the rest of news, activities and public information for the Specialist Group will be published in this website.


Upcoming SG meeting in Medellin

Next month, we will have our annual Specialist Group meeting in Medellín, Colombia, during the Pi2013 conference. If you are a member of our group but have never attended our meetings, please join us to learn about our activities, meet us and propose new initiatives. We are always happy to meet colleagues from our group.

The BPA SG will meet on wednesday april 10th at 18:00, right at the end of the sessions. This is the draft agenda for that meeting:
BPA SG meeting – April 10th Medellin, Colombia

1. Welcome to members and apologies
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of minutes for the Busan meeting
4. Report on the Smart Network Cluster meeting in Lisbon
5. Current status of the manuals of best practice
6. Procedure for election of SG officials
7. Pi2015. Concept and venue
8. Next meeting (Lisbon)
9. Any other matters