Group continues to grow in members for third year in a row

Since IWA’s Benchmarking and Performance Assessment (BPA) Specialist Group (SG) first started back in the year 2010, the interest of IWA members for the group has done nothing but grow. The numbers speak for themselves. Back then, the group had 91 members. Today, that amount has multiplied by more than 6, with almost 600 members, according to the IWA 2013 membership report on the matter. Needless to say, this growing figures are without a doubt the best news that the group could receive to boost its ongoing effort to improve water utilities’ management through benchmarking and performance assessment.

SG Members Historical Distribution (members vs. year). The line shows the number of Young Water Professionals.

Further conclusions can be drawn from taking a closer look at the numbers:

  • The group shares more than 58% of its members with IWA’s Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group, a relationship that will sure lead to future collaboration between both SGs. In fact, the possibility of organizing events alongside is a very interesting thought that will sure drive members of both groups to participate more actively on IWA and create synergies among them. The 55% of members shared with the Sustainability in the Water Sector SG and the 48% with the Strategic Asset Management SG are also worth mentioning.
  • When viewed from the opposite perspective – that is, how many members from other groups are also members of the BPA SG – the Water Loss and Strategic Asset Management SGs clearly lead the way, with more than 30% of its members belonging to the BPA SG, meaning that almost a third of their members also attach importance to our SG.
  • Over 20% of the members of the group are Young Water Professionals (YWP), meaning that more than a fifth part of the group is formed by water professionals whose age is less than 35. This number shows an upward trend.

All being said, it is true that numbers are nothing but numbers, but it is even more certain that a more than exciting future lays ahead for the Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group.