Lisbon 2014: Benchmarking and Performance Assessment content

The upcoming World Water Congress in Lisbon will have plenty of contents related to Benchmarking and Performance Assessment. Here are a few of the highlights that should not be missed.

Workshop: Performance Assessment & Benchmarking – Learning from Best Practices – Room Auditorium 4– Wednesday 10:30 – 12:00
An industry led 90 minutes workshop has been organized on the topic giving title to our specialist group. Although the SG has had no direct involvement in the organization of the event, the subject covered is of direct interest for most of us.

Session: “Right Price, Best Performance”. Room Auditorium 4 – 13:30 – 15:00

Following the workshop on performance assessment and benchmarking, the same room will host after the lunch break a session in which three of the papers seem to have a significant performance assessment content.


Regulation of water services will be a cornerstone topic in the World Water Congress. A Regulators forum will be held on Monday, a session called “Is Regulation Improving Water Services?” will take place on Room 1.07 on Tuesday and several platform presentations on the topic can be found in the program. Although performance assessment and benchmarking is only a part of regulating water services, the topic will surely interest many of our members.



The new rating system for water and wastewater services to be operated by IWA will have a significant presence in Lisbon. Users will be able to try the system hands-on at the AquaRating stand in the Exhibition area and several presentations will be made throughout the Congress. Please check all AquaRating contents schedule at the stand.