Welcome to the official site of the IWA Benchmarking and Performance Assessment of Urban Water Services Specialist Group.

The BPA SG is the forum for discussing, promoting, create networking opportunities and improving the state of the art in all activities related to the performance assessment and benchmarking of water services.

The topics covered by the group include performance indicators systems and the comparison of indicators, as well as benchmarking and performance improvement. Group members include practitioners, academics, regulators and consultants

The group is open to IWA members and always welcomes new members. Water utilities, associations, regulators and international bodies are welcome to use the group as a networking tool and a meeting environment to develop and extend their performance assessment and benchmarking efforts.

The BPA SG is in charge of the Pi Conference series (on benchmarking and performance assessment). The group meets at least once every year (in the IWA World Congresses or the Pi Conference of the alternate year). Pi2013 will be held in spring 2013 in Medellin (Colombia).